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Starting or expanding a successful small business takes careful research and planning, and access to the right kinds of business coaching/training and business programs – at the right time. Community Futures staff are experts in small business development, and have a wealth of services to offer you, regardless of the stage you are at with your business idea. Connect with a business advisor today - it’s free for up to four hours and our other services are low-cost. We take the time to really understand your business dreams and goals, and then help you work out a plan to turn them into reality. These success stories showcase what people around Alberta are achieving with our support!

Community Futures Alberta Southwest provides numerous business-related services to communities within our region. These include such core servives as:

Business Planning & Development

One of the major functions of Community Futures Alberta Southwest (CFABSW) is business consulting. From our team's many combined years of experience in the business world, we recognize and understand the vital role that sound business planning plays in entrepreneurial success. For this reason, our work in business planning and consulting is an important part of our role within our communities. While frequently we assist entrepreneurs in developing an initial business plan and we also offer a wide range of strategizing and planning services for special projects, expansions or restructuring.

If you are willing to take the time required to research the questions asked in our business planning guide, the work in a business plan can usually be completed by yourself. By completing your own business plan, you can avoid expensive consulting fees. Best of all, you will know more about your products, the customers, the competition, the finances and the operations of your business. Without the knowledge of all these facets of a business, you will likely not be adequately prepared for starting your own business.

However, it does help to have someone looking over your shoulder to make sure you have done it right and not overlooked anything. Our team will gladly sit down with you and tell you what kind of information should be in your business plan and give you some examples to work from. Our team of professionals can guide you in developing a plan specifically for your new or existing business. We will work with you to ensure that before you start important issues are addressed and that mistakes are made on paper rather than your bottom line. When you have completed a rough draft, we will review your work and make suggestions and comments about the plan.  These services are all provided at no cost to you.

Click here to learn more about the importance of Business Planning.

General Business Finance

Community Futures Alberta Southwest (CFABSW) strongly believes in supporting all community members. We believe that entrepreneurship gives individuals an option to develop their talents and abilities while remaining in and contributing to the community. Individuals who are interested in starting their own business often find it difficult to get the support and assistance that they require and our organization attempts to fill this gap. We support entrepreneurs who want help in developing their business ideas, need financial assistance and have the strong desire to shape their own future. When individuals want to invest in themselves and in their communities, we are here to support them in reaching their goals.

Who is eligible?

  • Must be a new or existing businesses operating in southwest Alberta
  • There is no minimum or maximum size of business

The Board of Directors of CFABSW is responsible for approving all loan applications. The Board consists of eight business people, one from each of the communities in the region, who volunteer their services to guide our operations. Each loan application is reviewed and analyzed by the staff before it goes to the Board. The Board meets monthly to review operations and to decide on loan applications. In reviewing loan applications, the Board is guided by the knowledge that our investment fund is limited and any losses in the fund threaten the future viability of the organization. With this in mind, loans are approved on the basis of three key factors:

  1. Projected viability of the business and its ability to repay the loan
  2. Character of the individual(s) involved and their past actions in meeting their obligations and commitments
  3. Value of the collateral pledged to secure the loan

What services are available?

  • Loans up to $150,000
  • General business consulting
  • Mentoring and community support
  • Resource library
  • Information on export and selling to government
  • Referrals to other programs and support services
  • Business training and education

To learn more about these and other business programs and resources: 

Contact CFABSW to discuss your idea and eligibility for the program. We would love to hear from you!

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